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VoicePing’s Update: Two-way translation for online meetings and improved collaboration tools

VoicePing’s latest update enhances online meetings on platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet with advanced translation and collaboration features. We introduce two-way translation without the need for all participants to use VoicePing, offering easy bilingual conversations. Users can share a URL for translation access or create separate URLs for different meetings, enabling simultaneous use. The update also adds text-to-speech for translations, real-time cursor tracking on whiteboards and screen shares, and extends meeting transcription access to all workspace members, improving inclusivity and collaboration.

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💯 Two-Way Translation Across Zoom, Teams or Google Meet

Previously, VoicePing users were limited to viewing subtitles in other online meeting tools, requiring all participants to use VoicePing for two-way translation. But this latest update allows users to engage in bilingual conversations effortlessly on their preferred platforms, including Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

VoicePing’s innovative approach offers two methods for utilizing the translation feature:

Firstly, users can turn on “Translation for Zoom, Teams, Meets, and more” and enable sharing URLs. Then copy that link and share it with your participants. Your participants can use VoicePing translation on the browser while using other online meeting tools.


Secondly, if your team wants to use VoicePing for 2 separate meetings at the same time, you can create 2 different URLs in different meeting rooms. This is the manual.

Not only participants can have 2-way conversations in their language, but there is also a text-to-speech feature that allows the translation text to be read out loud.

🖱️ Real-Time Mouse Cursors for White Board and Screen Sharing

VoicePing has also added a feature where you can see where others are pointing their mouse on the screen or whiteboard. You can check out the video below.

White board:

Screen sharing:

This makes working together online a lot like being in the same room, where you can easily show and follow along with what others are pointing at.

📣 Sharing Meeting Notes with Workspace members

VoicePing has also broadened the accessibility of meeting transcriptions. While previous versions shared meeting transcripts among attendees, the new update extends this capability to other members within the same workspace. This ensures that even those who could not attend the meeting can quickly get up to speed with the discussions and decisions made.

🐞 Bug fix

  • Fixed summary notification timezone from UTC to user local.
  • Fixed UI bug while using translation for Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.

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