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Feeling the limits of managing your remote team work? Here is the total solution for maximizing the productivity and engagement of your team.


Our main features to help your team

Visualization of Team's

Check your team’s activities by looking at
teammate’s status, active apps, whether in a
meeting or not.

Invite to Get Closer

Invite your teammate after checking his/her is
available. When he/she accepts, his/her
avatar will be teleported around your avatar
and start a conversation immediately just like
a real office. And the conversation will not
interrupt others because only members
nearby you can hear your voice.

Picture In Picture(PIP)

When someone calls you while you are
working, PIP Notification will come up on your
PC screen no matter what kind of app you are
using, which doesn’t allow you to miss any
calls from your colleagues. Of course, it is
carefully designed not to bother you when you
need to focus on working, such as when you
are in ‘busy’ status or in a meeting.


Time tracker and a box to input what currently
working on improve your teammates’
awareness of productivity. Manager class
users can always check when and/or how
long each member worked on what. Use this
data on meetings like 1 on 1 to manage your
team’s productivity.

Collaboration with

Share comment screen, real-time editable
text editor like Google Document in a meeting
room. Share any tools needed simultaneously
and collaborate with togetherness just like in a
real office.

Automated meeting

Make meeting minutes automatically and
precisely using real-time Speech To Text(STT)
function based on cutting-edge AI technology.

Real-Time Auto

Translate what you said in real-time and
automatically for the members who are not
familiar with English. Communicate and share
with them without any efforts.

Light Conversation

Be connected and have a talk lightly while
working on your PC. PIP-based compact UI for
this light conversation enables you to work
together with your teammates for a long time
just like in a real office.
VoicePing has been introduced in a sales support company with 160 employees, which takes almost full telework arrangement and has a vogue awareness of problems with usual communication in the company.

Before introduction

Issuing and sharing every meeting through Zoom or Google Meets when they need to was troublesome. It was difficult to grasp and understand the entire movement of the team, which makes it hard to manage individual’s and team’s productivity.

After introduction

All members launch the VoicePing during working hours and attend work online. Members can simply tell whether it is okay to call out other members by integrating with Google Calendar and it became possible to have occasional meetings without waiting. Important regular meetings are also being held in VoicePing because its audio quality is as good as Zoom’s or Google Meets’. Also, VoicePing is being used as a tool to check the productivity of members using the time tracking function. It increased each member’s awareness of productivity and activity logs being used in 1 on 1 meetings.
VoicePing has been introduced in a lab-type offshore team’s WEB application development project. Engineer’s man-hour and encouraging active communication between members is especially crucial to those projects that have to meet client’s high demand in a short period.

Before introduction

Project managers were discussing abstract and latent problems on text-base with engineers, which slows down the entire development. There was no practical way to briefly grasp the working time and current task of team members who are living in different time zones.

After introduction

VoicePing visualized working situations of members and encouraged active communications between members. It is easy to catch what other members are doing thanks to the green light around the member’s avatar that turns on only when he/she is sharing screen or in a meeting. It became possible to carry out complex and high-level developments that require close cooperation between frontend and backend thanks to the time tracking function that informs what each member is working on. Also, it became easy for Tech Lead to give pinpoint guidance to junior level engineers. Plus, the function of automatic minutes creation and translation made it possible to smoothly share important information even with members who are not familiar with Japanese.


Quick installing by one click

You can simply start to use VoicePing after just one click. Downloading and installing will be done in a short time.


Start with reasonable price plans

Free plan

Free Forever

1 Workspace
1 Floor
5 Accounts
5 Guests

2 weeks free trial available

Small plan

$ 75 / month

1 Workspace
1 Floor
15 Accounts
15 Guests

2 weeks free trial available

Premium plan

$ 200 / month

1 Workspace
5 Floors
50 Accounts
50 Guests

2 weeks free trial available

Enterprise Plan

¥ 5 /1 person/month

Unlimited Workspace
Unlimited Floors
Unlimited Accounts
Unlimited Guests

2 Weeks free trial available

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Feeling the limits of managing your remote team? Want to reduce the cost of offline working while maintaining productivity? Then please try our VoicePing. Its sophisticated UX will provide your team with a prodigiously natural remote working environment.

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