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In this interview, you will know how VoicePing Real-time Translation helped 700 participants by a QR code in an event held by Julien Crousillat and Misa Crousillat, executives at Bidouillez Co., Ltd. This event was such a big success for both VoicePing and Bidouillez in terms of translation experience. Especially, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, said he was impressed with the translation and how the event could organize it smoothly.


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Julien’s journey with VoicePing began out of necessity. As the head of a consulting firm, Bidouillez Co., Ltd, he recognized the potential of French fashion brands in the Japanese market. Now the company has a fashion store in Tokyo, and they also provide educational training and consulting services for many industries.




This time, Julien and Misa were responsible for a big event, the Nostratia. The Nostrasia wasn’t just another conference; it was a clarion call for the future of social media—a future rooted in blockchain and decentralization. Nostrasia was a showcase of Nostr, a protocol heralding a new chapter of social media that’s open, global, decentralized, and resistant to censorship.

The event drew an impressive crowd of 700 participants, both in-person and online, united by a common interest in the groundbreaking potential of blockchain. The speaker lineup was nothing short of stellar, featuring luminaries like Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, and whistleblower Edward Snowden.


Nostrasia event with Jack and Edward as speakers

"I couldn't sleep for two days" - the struggle to find suitable translation service


However, The Nostrasia event faced a formidable challenge: overcoming the language barrier. With presentations in English and Japanese, and a global audience unfamiliar with both, there was an urgent need for a translation system that could handle multiple languages simultaneously. Specifically, the system had to accurately translate English and Japanese into Japanese, English, Chinese, and Spanish, with a special focus on correctly interpreting technical terminology.

In their quest for a solution, Misa and her team at Bidouillez Co., Ltd encountered numerous obstacles. Every service they tried either exceeded their budget or failed to meet their requirements, leading to considerable frustration for Misa. “I couldn’t sleep for two days. I tried all voice translation tools one by one, just to find the suitable one,” she recounts.


700 participants listening to Edward Snowden and Jack Drosey's talk

VoicePing came to help, by a QR code

However, just five days before the event, Misa stumbled upon VoicePing. After a trial run, she was astounded by its swift and accurate translation capabilities, promptly declaring it the ideal solution. The team’s subsequent tests of VoicePing further confirmed its exceptional performance, surpassing all their expectations.


VoicePing’s unique selling point was its ability to simultaneously translate into four languages without the need for large, cumbersome displays. This feat was achieved through a single QR code. Event attendees, both in person and online, could scan this code and choose their preferred language to receive real-time translated subtitles directly on their phones, eliminating the need for any app downloads.

VoicePing Translation QR code in the event

VoicePing’s versatility in handling multiple languages for a large audience set it apart. Moreover, its ease of setup and operation added to its appeal. Requiring just a single PC connected to the audio system, VoicePing could automatically detect and translate the languages spoken by both the speakers and the audience, negating the need for constant human oversight. This full automation of VoicePing not only solved a major logistical problem but also heralded a new era in accessible, multilingual event management.

"This is brilliant!" , said Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter

VoicePing’s translation services broke down language barriers with such finesse that Dorsey himself lauded the tool as “brilliant,” impressed by its simplicity and effectiveness. Also, many participants are satisfied with the translation system, especially the Japanese students. Moreover, Julien reflects that “It was about connecting people, and VoicePing was the tool that made it possible”. 

The event, which boasted speakers from various parts of the world, would have been impenetrable for the Japanese attendees if not for VoicePing’s seamless translation. “People were not just watching; they were engaging, thanks to VoicePing,” Julien notes. The tool didn’t just translate; it allowed for participation, which is the essence of any successful event.

Jack Dorsey and Jack Nguyen, COO of VoicePing

The application of VoicePing is limitesless

VoicePing’s success at the conference is a beacon for its potential in retail, medical fields, and beyond. As businesses like Julien’s look to the future, they see VoicePing as not just a solution but a partner in their growth. “We’re small but flexible,” Julien says, “and with VoicePing, we’re ready to take on the world, one translation at a time.”

The conversation concludes with Julien’s vision for the future, which is as boundless as the technology he advocates for. “Whether it’s a department store in Tokyo or an educational seminar in Paris, VoicePing can be there, breaking barriers and building bridges.”

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