No work gap between Vietnam and Japan – COO Jack remote work experience


My name is Jack, Chief of Operations at VoicePing, an international team spread across Japan, India, China, Brazil, and our Tokyo headquarters. Although based in Tokyo, I recently had the unique opportunity to spend two months working remotely in Vietnam. This adventure was a result of my wedding in Hanoi (yay!) in May and an exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in June. Working remotely in Vietnam provided me with a fresh and exciting experience, allowing me to collaborate closely with my Tokyo team in a whole new way.

Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh city.

As a minimalist, I traveled to Vietnam with only my MacBook, iPhone, and sunglasses to combat the strong Vietnamese sunshine. These essentials were sufficient to keep me connected and productive throughout my remote work journey.

During my time in Vietnam, I had the chance to work in various locations, including my house in Hanoi, local coffee shops, our partner’s office, and a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. All these spaces offered a quiet environment, reliable internet connections, and comfortable amenities. Among them, the hotel in Ho Chi Minh City stands out as a favorite, with its open lounge surrounded by lush greenery and easy access to excellent nearby restaurants.

Open space at a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City with fresh view!

Work-life balance: Good Food brings Good Work

With a two-hour time difference between Vietnam and Japan, I started work at 8 AM in Vietnam, allowing seamless coordination with my Tokyo team. The typical business hours in Vietnam, starting at 8 AM as well, facilitated efficient time management. After work, I could cherish quality time with family and friends, visit the gym, or explore new local restaurants. Interestingly, most restaurants and services in Vietnam stay open until 10 PM, enabling me to accomplish various tasks throughout the day.

And of course, being able to try all the good street for is the best thing when remote work at Vietnam!


2 months are not enough to try all Vietnamese cuisine

Challenge: Hot weather and Rush hours

While Vietnam presented a fantastic work environment, I did encounter a few challenges. The country’s hotter climate compared to Japan required adjustments and extra precautions to stay comfortable while working. Additionally, traffic congestion, especially during rush hours in Hanoi, posed a challenge. I would recommend avoiding outdoor activities or bike rides in the city center during these peak times.

How VoicePing Enhanced my Remote Working Experience

VoicePing proved to be an invaluable tool during my remote work experience in Vietnam. As COO, my main task is to involve in sales, marketing and team managements, which requires constant communication with customers and members remotely.

The app functioned flawlessly, ensuring uninterrupted communication with my team. Surprisingly, I found myself having more quick calls and chats with my teammates through VoicePing than face-to-face meetings when I was in Japan. The transcription feature became instrumental in double-checking tasks and utilizing the ChatGPT summary feature to consolidate meeting notes. Moving forward, I have suggested to my team that even in face-to-face meetings, we continue using VoicePing with transcription enabled to keep all our meeting notes organized.


Working remotely in Vietnam offered an exceptional work-life balance environment. It provided me with valuable insights into the digital nomad lifestyle and the future of remote work. The combination of seamless communication, affordability, and captivating cultural experiences made Vietnam an ideal destination for remote work and exploration.

Furthermore, VoicePing brought a sense of belonging to my team in Japan, and I felt like working in the same environment with them. It also enhanced our meeting effectiveness and created a better workflow and clearer communication.

I will cherish this experience and look forward to more remote work adventures in the future.

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