Korean To English Translation App: Top 20 Translator Services for Mobile and PC


In our interconnected world, breaking down language barriers is crucial. Whether you’re exploring South Korea, communicating with Korean speakers, engaging in international business, or eager to expand your linguistic abilities, finding the most efficient Korean to English translation app is vital. This guide has curated the top 15 apps and tools for translating Korean, ensuring smooth and effective communication.

Selecting the right translation app requires understanding your priorities. Here are five essential factors to consider:

1. Language Coverage: Ensure the app supports both Korean and English to meet all your translation needs.

2. Speed and Precision: Search for an app that delivers swift, accurate translations to facilitate effortless communication.

3. Suitability: The app should align with your specific needs, whether for business, travel, or educational purposes.

4. Cost-effective: The app should offer good value, regardless of whether it’s free or paid.

5. Compatibility: The app must perform seamlessly across your devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Language Coverage

Korean is a rich and intricate language, characterized by significant differences in dialects across various regions of Korea. A premier translation app must thoroughly support these dialects to maximize flexibility and effectiveness. This feature is particularly vital for businesses and individuals interacting with Korean speakers from diverse locations. Opt for an app that skillfully recognizes and precisely translates idiomatic expressions, local slang, and regional variations, ensuring communication is both clear and accurate.

Speed and Precision

The effectiveness of a translation app hinges on its ability to provide precise and speedy translations. Ensuring the accuracy of translations without mistakes is essential, particularly in professional settings, urgent situations, or during travel. Rapid translation facilitates seamless, real-time dialogue, preventing any awkward pauses. Contemporary apps leverage AI and machine learning to improve their accuracy and speed over time, making them increasingly reliable.


The choice of a translation app should align with your specific requirements. If you’re engaged in business communications, you may need an app proficient in formal language and specialized terminology. For travel purposes, seek apps that offer offline functionality and voice translation capabilities to facilitate effortless navigation. Learners of a new language might benefit from apps that offer contextual examples and pronunciation assistance. Ensuring that an app meets your particular needs can significantly enhance your communication experience.


Translation apps range widely, from free versions offering basic functionalities to premium ones boasting advanced features. While free apps may appear appealing, they often come with limitations or advertisements that can hinder your experience. On the other hand, paid apps generally provide higher quality, additional functionalities, and customer support that justify their cost. In selecting an app, consider the balance between the cost and the value it adds to your personal or professional life, taking into account any recurring subscription fees or additional expenses that may arise.


The perfect translation app should seamlessly integrate with your technological ecosystem. It needs to function efficiently, whether you’re utilizing smartphones for on-the-go translations, tablets, or computers for more comprehensive work. The app’s cross-device compatibility is crucial, enabling smooth transitions between various devices. Additionally, consider the app’s interoperability with other applications or platforms you frequently use. This synergy can enhance its utility, making it a more valuable tool for your daily activities.

Top 3 PC and Mobile Translation App for Online meeting

For companies operating globally, the need for translation arises in the following scenarios:


  • Internal meetings
  • Instructions and guidance to foreign staff
  • Communication and reporting to overseas branches

For these purposes, web conferencing tools equipped with translation apps are recommended.

1. VoicePing


VoicePing” is a popular Voice Translation service in Japan. It has more than 4,000 paid active users, and Japanese companies such as Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and DENSO Corporation have implemented it.

Using Zoom or Teams on the VoicePing app allows for real-time translation and transcription. Its real-time translation feature, supporting 45 languages, is particularly appealing as it enables meetings and negotiations without the concern of language barriers.

VoicePing has the best performance among others in terms of speed and accuracy. It displays translator like movie subtitles for easy reading. This not only facilitates smoother negotiations and meetings but also enhances wrap-up efficiency and overall work productivity through its transcription feature.

Furthermore, it also has iOS and Android app. Allow you to translate Korean much easier.

Equipped with convenient features centered around real-time voice translation, it also offers secure usage, making it popular among many corporations.

VoicePing’s translation tool has the following features:

– Capable of real-time voice translation and transcription.

– High accuracy Korean Translation
– Usable as a real-time voice translation mobile app.
– Allows for summarization of transcribed data using AI.
– Comes with an integrated web conferencing app.
– Supports 45 languages including Korean and English.
– Additionally, it can be utilized as an interpretation tool for exhibitions and seminars, capable of accommodating events with more than 1000 participants through a single QR code.

Download from the link below:
App Store 
Google Play

2. Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings
Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings, a globally popular web conferencing tool, offers real-time translation as a paid add-on feature. Webex Meetings is available in both a browser version and a desktop app version.

The voice translation features of Webex Meetings include:

– Translation from 13 languages, including Japanese, to 108 languages
– Noise cancellation for clearer audio
– Gesture recognition for expressing emotions
– Automatic transcription of meeting content
– Capable of translating up to five languages simultaneously
– Customizable subtitle placement and font size

Webex Meetings requires an additional payment for the simultaneous translation add-on feature on top of its subscription fee. For the add-on fee, separate inquiries are needed.

Heading #1
Monthly Pay
17 USD/License
27 USD/License
Contact Sales

3. V-Cube


V-Cube is a web conferencing app known for its high-quality audio and video. It features excellent integration with Microsoft’s Office365, supporting single sign-on (once authenticated with an Office365 ID and password, users can directly log in to V-Cube).


The voice translation capabilities of V-Cube include:

  • Real-time translation of meeting content
  • Automatic transcription of meeting content
  • Capability to conduct polls during meetings
  • Supports text display translation in 52 languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese
  • User-friendly with a simple interface

Pricing and service details are provided through individual guidance.

Top 10 Recommended Free Korean Translation Apps for iOS and Android

When conversing with foreigners during overseas travel or with foreigners living in Korea, a smartphone app capable of real-time translation is recommended.

Since smartphones are easy to carry, simply installing an app allows for the real-time translation of conversations.

1. VoiceTra

VoiceTra is a free Korean translation app available for use on smartphones, and it can also be used on iPads. By speaking to the app, it will translate your words, enabling conversation with foreign individuals.
Features include:

  • Translates spoken words into voice playback
  • Supports 31 languages
  • Allows for instant switching of translation direction
  • Capable of translating not only from voice but also from text input

App Store:VoiceTra

Google Play:VoiceTra

2. SayHi Translate

This is a free Korean translation app available for iPhone and Android smartphones, and it is also compatible with iPads. It can be used completely free of charge, without advertisements or premium features.
Features include:
– Support for 54 languages including Korean
– Compatibility with various foreign accents
– Easy to use with a simple interface

App Store:SayHi

Google Play:SayHi

3. Papago

This is a free translation app that can be used on iPhone and Android smartphones and is also compatible with iPads. It supports not only voice translations but also image and text translations.
Features include:
– Supports translation of images, voice, and text
– Compatible with 12 languages including Korean
– Text translation is available offline

App Store:Naver Papago

Google Play:Naver Papago

4. Talking Translator

This is a free Korean translation app available for Android smartphones. It cannot be used on iPhone smartphones or iPads. It allows for real-time translation of both voice and text.
Features include:
– Supports text translation
– Compatible with over 100 languages including Korean
– Includes frequently used daily conversations

Google Play:Talking Translator

5. Google Translate

This is a well-known translation app that is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones, and it also works on iPads. It can translate conversations between two languages in real-time.
Features include:
– Support for 133 languages including Korean
– Capable of translating images and text as well
– Allows for text translation offline

App Store:Google Translate

Google Play:Google Translate

6. Microsoft Translator

This is a free translation app available for iPhone and Android smartphones, and it is also compatible with iPads and Apple Watches.
Features include:
– Supports over 70 languages including Korean
– Capable of translating images and text as well
– Allows for text translation offline
– Includes important phrases for travel

7. UDictionary

This app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones, and it is also compatible with iPads.
Features include:
– Support for 108 languages including Korean
– Capable of translating images and text as well
– Translation is possible offline
– Includes dictionaries for 44 languages

App Store:UDictionary

Google Play:UDictionary

8. iTranslate Voice

This is a free translation app available for iPhone smartphones and iPads, but it cannot be used on Android smartphones.
Features include:
– Supports over 40 languages including Korean
– Contains more than 250 frequently used phrases
– Does not support image and text translation

9. Translate

This is a free translation app available for iPhone smartphones and iPads, but it cannot be used on Android smartphones.
Features include:
– Supports 11 languages including Korean
– Capable of translating images and text as well
– Allows for translation offline
– Enables easy access to previously used phrases by saving them

10. Speak & Translate

This is a free translation app available for iPhone smartphones and iPads, but it cannot be used on Android smartphones.
Features include:
– Supports 11 languages including Korean
– Capable of translating images and text as well
– Allows for translation offline
– Enables easy access to previously used phrases by saving them

Top 3 Voice Translation Apps and Devices with Dedicated Hardware

For overseas travel or guiding tourists visiting Korea, voice translation apps with dedicated devices (voice translation machines) prove to be invaluable.

Common features and characteristics of many Korean voice translation devices include:
– Simple operation
– Translation performed through internet communication accessing translation engines in the cloud
– Some devices allow for offline use (though the accuracy of translations may decrease when offline)
– Some are equipped with additional features like camera translation

Here are the top 3 recommended Korean voice translation devices.

1. World Speak

World Speak is a voice translation device released by the stationery giant KING JIM.

It comes in two types: a stationary type and a mobile type, allowing selection based on usage (the stationary type is suitable for reception areas and business discussions, while the mobile type is designed for overseas travel).

Features of World Speak include:
– Communication via SIM card & Wi-Fi
– Equipped with a noise-canceling microphone
– Supports simultaneous translation in over 100 languages (stationary model supports 112 languages, mobile model supports 155 languages)
– Offline translation available for 17 languages including Korean
– Capable of storing conversation history
– Designed to be used as a set of two devices.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a set of two stationary devices is 54,064 Won.

2. Pocketalk

Pocketalk was selected as the No.1 voice translation device in terms of sales amount by vendor in 2021. Pocketalk is widely used for various purposes, from individual to corporate use. For instance, over 3,000 companies have implemented Pocketalk for business purposes.
– Language is translated in real-time with the simple press of a button and speaking
– Supports voice translation for 85 languages including Korean
– Capable of understanding unique intonations such as the Kansai dialect
– Equipped with an AI conversation lesson feature
– Includes a camera translation feature
– Allows for the favorite registration of phrases
– Comes with an eSIM that enables use in over 130 countries and regions
– Text data can be sent to the Pocketalk Center to create meeting minutes

3. Langogo Genesis

Genesis is a mobile online voice translation device developed and sold by Langogo Technology, widely used especially for overseas travel.

Genesis supports the following features:
– Compatible with 104 languages including Korean
– Equipped with an eSIM usable in 60 countries
– Includes 2 years of free communication charges
– Can be used with the press of a single button
– Capable of synchronizing translated texts

Top 4 Apps (Software) for Real-Time Korean Voice Translation on PC

In addition to portable smartphone apps, there are also apps capable of translating Korean in real-time on PCs.

By downloading these apps to your PC or launching them in a browser, you can integrate them with web conferencing tools and other applications to enable voice translation directly on your PC.

1. FairUSE


Real-time translation tools are Korean voice translation apps that can be used in conjunction with web conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The features of real-time translation tools include:
– Support for translation in 119 languages including Korean
– A voice recognition rate of 97.6%
– Real-time voice translation and text conversion
– Can be launched from Microsoft Teams
– Available in three versions: Microsoft Teams app, browser, and desktop
– Details on the cost of implementation and functionalities can be further inquired separately.

A 2-week trial is available, allowing you to test its usability before considering a subscription.

2. Dokotsu-AI


DokoTsu AI is a Korean voice translation app provided by Smart Box Corporation.

The features of DokoTsu AI include:

  • Support for 16 languages
  • Usable if the host installs it (no need for the other party to download the app)
  • Available on both PC and mobile
  • Ability to register frequently used phrases

DokoTsu AI cannot be used offline; thus, an internet connection is always required for use. It is primarily used in medical institutions and local governments.

3. Minutz


Minutz is an AI automatic translation tool developed by ObotAI Corporation, which specializes in creating AI chatbots and automatic translation tools. It is primarily designed for use in web conferencing scenarios.

Features of Minutz include:

– Automatically switches to the selected language just by speaking
– Allows for switching the speaker’s language in the middle of a meeting
– Supports over 100 languages including Korean
– Enables downloading of multilingual meeting minutes automatically generated by AI



ZMEETING is a multilingual voice translation app that can be integrated with Zoom. It is primarily used in business settings, such as web conferencing.

Features of ZMEETING include:
– Capable of translating multiple languages (with the ability to set different languages for each meeting participant)
– Automatic transcription
– Filler word removal feature (cuts out unnecessary words like “uh” and “um”)
– Suitable for both web and offline meetings
– Over 90% voice recognition accuracy
– Usage fees are determined individually based on the number of users.


For Korean translation inbusiness, VoicePing is highly recommended. In the business context, there are numerous situations where real-time translation is essential, such as online web meetings with overseas branches and team projects with multinational members.

Furthermore, it excels in translation accuracy, speed, and meeting minutes creation, thanks to its proprietary transcription and translation learning model.

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