VoicePing Showcases Real-Time Voice Translation at Vietnam ICTComm 2023


Last week, from June 8 to 10, a remarkable and revolutionary exhibition took place. The international event known as Vietnam ICTComm, one of the biggest events for technology in Vietnam, played host to our very own VoicePing in the heart of vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. This event was a monumental testament to the relentless innovation in the telecommunication and information technology landscape.

Companies all over the world visiting ICT Comm

Vietnam ICTComm brought together a medley of multinational powerhouses in the tech industry, from countries as diverse as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Russia, and Poland. This event has over 400 booths buzzing with activity, attracting over 30,000 tech-enthusiasts, innovators, and industry leaders, all under one roof.

Amid this technological carnival, the VoicePing booth shone brightly, not just as a participant but as a beacon of next-generation communication solutions. We proudly showcased our latest creation: real-time voice translation technology. This innovation is a feat that had the audience’s eyes widen and jaws drop, as it smoothly translated Vietnamese into 45 different languages with an uncanny accuracy.

But the surprises did not stop there. Visitors to our booth were also introduced to our integration with the ChatGPT application in meeting notes, adding a new level of usefulness and efficiency that was widely appreciated.

Demonstrating Real-time Voice Translation

What was even more heartening was the sheer number of visitors that we attracted. Over 500 eager visitors made their way to our booth, each leaving with an impression of awe and fascination. This was an achievement that not only made us proud but also strengthened our commitment to creating groundbreaking solutions for global communication needs.

As the event came to a close, we found ourselves surrounded by potential partners and customers, a thrilling count of over 300 businesses! Their interest in VoicePing was a testament to our innovative spirit and the high standard of our technological solutions.


But, more than the numbers, what truly made this event an unforgettable milestone in our journey was the opportunity it presented. The chance to delve into the insights of global customers, understand their needs, and translate those insights into our products. The platform to network with potential partners, sharing ideas and opening avenues for future collaboration. The experience of being part of a global conversation on telecommunication and IT, showcasing our potential to the world.

Vietnam ICTComm 2023 was not just an exhibition; it was an enriching experience that has left a lasting impact on us at VoicePing. The event may have come to an end, but the ripples it created continue to resonate with us. We take immense pride in our successful participation, as we carry the momentum forward, leveraging the insights and partnerships garnered during this event.

We at VoicePing, believe that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards redefining global communication. We thank every visitor, potential partner, and customer who shared in our success at Vietnam ICTComm. Together, we’re making the world a smaller, more connected place, one voice at a time.

We are hiring!!!
VoicePing is currently looking for AI engineers and web development engineers. If you want to work with cutting-edge language models (ChatGPT, GPT3.5 Turbo…etc), high-performance speech recognition (Whisper…etc), create translation models, or design, develop, and operate complex, high-performance web development applications, please contact us casually. Please contact us casually.


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