VoicePing participated in Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO!


VoicePing had a booth at the “Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO” held within the “Eight Networking EXPO” organized by Sansan. We were pleased to showcase VoicePing, a virtual office that integrates real-time voice translation and automated voice-to-text to a large audience.

At “Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO,” many startup companies exhibited their booths with the aim of expanding the number of service users and finding new business partners. Lectures and other events were held by experts in a wide range of fields, and visitors were able to learn a great deal from them.

At our booth, people from a wide variety of industries and professions experienced the functions of “VoicePing. In particular, they seemed to have a favorable impression of the most distinctive feature of “VoicePing,” which is the automatic transcription and translation built into the virtual office. They were also convinced that collaboration with people overseas is becoming more widespread in Japan, and felt the importance of contributing to society by improving the functionality and UX of VoicePing.

The Climbers Startup JAPAN EXPO was a very useful opportunity to gain insight into the challenges faced by real business people and teams. We look forward to continuing our development efforts to improve remote teams and hybrid work environments, breaking down language and cultural barriers, and increasing communication, engagement, and productivity.

We are hiring!!!
VoicePing is currently looking for AI engineers and web development engineers. If you want to work with cutting-edge language models (ChatGPT, GPT3.5 Turbo…etc), high-performance speech recognition (Whisper…etc), create translation models, or design, develop, and operate complex, high-performance web development applications, please contact us casually. Please contact us casually.


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