Overcoming Language Barriers with VoicePing: A Success Story of PtBio Inc.’s On-Site Research


As many technology companies aim to expand into international markets, communication and language barriers pose significant challenges. To address this issue, PtBio Inc. has introduced VoicePing to facilitate smooth interviews with locals during on-site research. We spoke with the COO, Mr. Atsuhiro Ishii, about their experiences.

Interview with PtBio Inc.

Could you tell us about your business?

Ishii: My name is Atsuhiro Ishii, and I serve as the COO of PtBio Inc. Our company is a biotechnology startup specializing in genome editing and bioinformatics. We were founded with the goal of implementing these technologies in society. By leveraging bioinformatics (BioDX) technology, we aim to identify biomarkers related to desired functions in organisms whose genome information is not yet fully known. This enables us to select superior breeds and optimize breeding conditions. We also use genome editing techniques to modify target gene sequences to enhance specific functions. By appropriately applying these approaches based on our goals, we strive to be a platform that designs biological functions to solve social issues. Specifically, we have developed new products using our technology. For example, we created “low-allergen eggs” that can be consumed by individuals with egg allergies when cooked. We are advancing business development to expand the market for these egg-based processed foods both domestically and internationally.

VoicePing: Achieving Smooth Business Communication with High-Accuracy Real-Time Translation and Transcription Features

Can you tell us about the background of introducing VoicePing?

 Ishii: During our market research for entering the U.S. market, we needed to conduct interviews and discussions in English with several native speakers for consumer and regulatory research. Since I found it difficult to fully understand English at a native level, a real-time translation tool was essential. We decided to introduce VoicePing because of its high translation accuracy and the ability to keep records of the interviews.

How was your experience using it?

Ishii: It significantly helped me accurately understand the content of the interviews conducted in English. On-site, we used VoicePing’s desktop app to conduct interviews with many native speakers in both face-to-face and online meetings. Even when translating English to Japanese, the translation accuracy did not decline with more participants, allowing us to use it with confidence. Regarding English accents, most of the interviewees spoke pure native English, and the translation quality remained stable regardless of the interviewee, which was impressive.

Were there any features that you found particularly useful?

Ishii: The most useful feature was the transcription function that recorded the interview content. Since we could review the transcriptions and audio recordings later, we could focus on the interview without worrying about missing important details. For technical terms, we could deepen our understanding by referring to the text records while listening to the audio recordings.

Do you have any other impressions or feedback about using VoicePing?

Ishii: Overall, we are highly satisfied and intend to use it again for our next market research trip to the U.S. Although I didn’t use the AI summarization feature much, as I focused on checking details, I feel there is room for improvement in the accuracy of the AI summaries. The translation accuracy of the audio itself is excellent, so enhancing the AI summarization accuracy would make it even better.

Aiming for Global Growth and Technological Innovation

Source: PtBio Inc. website

Future Prospects

Ishii: Currently, we are advancing the U.S. expansion of our low-allergen eggs. This recent market research trip to the U.S. was part of that initiative. We aim to grow our business not only in Japan but also in the U.S. by continuing to introduce our egg allergy-friendly products to the American market.

Additionally, we have established a presence in Southeast Asia, where we are developing businesses such as breeding energy resources. We aim to seize business opportunities in emerging countries that are keen on rapidly adopting Japan’s advanced technologies for industrial development. We plan to actively pursue joint research agreements in these regions to expand the possibilities of our technologies.

PtBio Inc.

Company Overview

Founded: August 30, 2019
Location: 3-10-23 Kagamiyama, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
Business Activities: Bioinformatics (BioDX), Genome, Platform, Research and Development
Website: https://www.pt-bio.com

About VoicePing

VoicePing offers a one-week free trial period, so feel free to give it a try. For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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