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VoicePing is thrilled to have been invited to the AWS event with the booth theme “Future home, future office”. At the event, we had the opportunity to showcase our latest technology to over 10,000 visitors, and we were also invited to speak at the event. We are proud to have been able to demonstrate our innovative virtual office that integrates advanced real-time voice translation and automation speech-to-text solutions for B2B.

The event occurred on April 21-22, 2023 in Tokyo. With over 30,000 participants, 150 sessions, and 180 Expo contents, the event provided an excellent opportunity for individuals and businesses to learn and explore the latest developments in cloud computing technology.

VoicePing’s booth was among the 80+ AWS solution exhibits that showcased the latest industry-specific solutions and cutting-edge technologies. The event was an excellent opportunity for participants to attend various sessions, from beginners to experienced levels. They included AWS sessions, case studies, and partner sessions that provided valuable insights and practical knowledge on cloud computing. Additionally, VoicePing had a chance to interact with AWS experts, who provided advice and guidance on AWS products and services, as well as offered solutions to common technical issues.


The Expo offered a unique experience that allowed participants to experience the solutions on display and get hands-on experience with them. The event’s highlights included AWS DeepRacer League, AWS GameDay, and a Developer Lounge that offered fun, interactive programs for developers to learn and network.

One of the main highlights of the event was the Summit Circuit, which provided participants with the chance to compete in a machine learning-powered radio-controlled car racing competition using the AWS DeepRacer model. This exciting competition aimed to challenge the participants’ skills and knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The event also showcased case studies from 44 AWS customers that shared their experience in using AWS solutions to achieve business success.

In conclusion, the AWS Summit Tokyo was a fantastic event that provided a platform for learning, networking, and showcasing the latest advancements in cloud computing technology.

VoicePing’s Presence and impact at AWS Summit

At the event, we had a booth where we presented our innovative virtual office that integrates advanced real-time voice translation and automation speech-to-text solutions for B2B. Our solution is available on both PC and mobile platforms, and we demonstrated how we are developing our solution for AR glasses.Β 


Visitors to the booth could experience a real-time voice translation demo on AR glasses, which could be a game-changer for solving the language issue in the construction industry and for deaf people. According to statistics, there are approximately 2.93 million foreign workers in Japan, and more than 8.4 million people in Japan have hearing disabilities. Hence, the need for our solution is critical.

The visitors were particularly interested in our AI solution. We demonstrated a demo of using ChatGPT and Whisper to smartly summarize all speech-to-text or voice translation data into comprehensive meeting notes. In the future, we will focus on developing more features around AI, which was exciting news for the visitors.

Furthermore, our COO Jack Nguyen gave a presentation titled “Optimal performance for all work styles,” highlighting the benefits and challenges of remote and hybrid work. He discussed the problems many companies are facing, such as ineffective communication, lack of engagement, inconsistent productivity, and language and cultural barriers. He then introduced how our solution can make remote teams feel like they are working in the same office, with more engaged communication and effective meetings to improve productivity.

He also shared some stories about our customers who are using our virtual office and real-time voice translation tool. One of our customers is a Japanese software outsourcing company with an engineering team in Vietnam. They are expanding their Vietnamese team, but the language barrier is a critical issue. Our real-time voice translation tool helps Japanese project managers and Vietnamese engineers communicate with each other directly while also having an interpreter to support both sides. This helps the Japanese and Vietnamese members engage in the discussion more effectively and avoid misunderstandings.

Our vision is to make businesses adapt to any work style while still achieving the best performance by using the most advanced technology. To achieve that mission, we trust AWS to be the core for scalability and stability. We have achieved significant results with AWS, such as 2000+ stable concurrent connections, 150 million+ hours of total online user engagement, and 20,000+ virtual office objects synced for real-time collaboration, thanks to AWS.

In conclusion, we had a successful participation in the AWS Summit Tokyo event, and we continue to strive for making remote and hybrid work better for everyone, breaking down the language and cultural barriers and improving communication, engagement, and productivity.

We will see you in the next AWS Summit event!

We are hiring!!!
VoicePing is currently looking for AI engineers and web development engineers. If you want to work with cutting-edge language models (ChatGPT, GPT3.5 Turbo…etc), high-performance speech recognition (Whisper…etc), create translation models, or design, develop, and operate complex, high-performance web development applications, please contact us casually. Please contact us casually.

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