VoicePing’s Impactful Presence at the 01Booster Conference 2023


This year’s 01Booster Conference, themed “EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION,” held on December 26, 2023, at the Keidanren Kaikan Conference, was a momentous event for tech startups and innovators across Japan and beyond. Among the distinguished participants was VoicePing, a burgeoning startup making waves in the realm of real-time AI translation. VoicePing, represented by our COO Jack Nguyen and Marketing Associate Satsuki Horisawa, showcased groundbreaking technology that left attendees in awe of its speed and accuracy.

The main theme of the conference was “Explosive Expansion,” emphasizing the need to exponentially increase business creation and turn it into a sustainable force. This aligns with the “Startup Leap Forward Vision” promoted by Keidanren in the previous year.


The conference, organized by 01Booster Inc., aimed to accelerate business creation by sharing knowledge and know-how from professionals in various fields. The event included sessions by experts, startup pitches, exhibition booths, workshops, and a large year-end meetup for speakers and attendees.

The schedule was packed with various sessions across multiple venues, including opening and closing sessions, discussions on various topics like corporate accelerator goals, business strategy, IT environment setup, and sessions focusing on AI and business, diversity, and female leadership.


The event featured a wide range of speakers from various backgrounds, including co-founders, CEOs, planning officials, executive officers, and directors from different companies and organizations.

VoicePing's Showcase: Revolutionizing Communication

VoicePing’s participation at the conference was nothing short of revolutionary. Demonstrating our AI-powered real-time translation on both mobile and PC platforms, we captured the attention of over 100 participants and connected with more than 40 startups. The hallmark of our demonstration was the astonishing speed and accuracy of VoicePing, which outshone other applications in the market.

Our unique selling proposition – the ability to translate into Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Cambodian languages – drew significant interest, especially from companies looking to bridge communication gaps in Southeast Asia. A notable instance was a startup providing a legal consulting platform to connect Japanese clients with local lawyers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries. The prohibitive cost of interpreters capable of accurately translating legal discussions has been a long-standing barrier for them, and VoicePing emerged as a viable, cost-effective solution.

Networking and Opportunities: VoicePing in the Spotlight

The conference was an invaluable platform for networking and exploring collaborative opportunities. Our interactions with various entities, from fledgling startups to established corporations, highlighted the diverse applications of VoicePing’s technology.

One of the event’s highlights was our engagement with a top telecommunications company, intrigued by the potential of integrating VoicePing into their services. They expressed keen interest in offering VoicePing to their customers, especially those who require reliable communication tools while traveling overseas for business. This partnership could redefine the way global communication is approached in the business realm.

Insights and Growth: Learning from the Best

Being a part of the 01Booster Conference was not only about showcasing our product but also about learning and growing from the shared experiences and knowledge. The exchange of ideas and customer insights was a profound experience that has helped us refine our approach and understand market needs better.

The success at the conference has opened numerous doors for VoicePing. The interest shown by potential clients and investors is a testament to the growing need for efficient and accurate real-time translation services. Our goal is not just to break language barriers but to create seamless communication channels that foster understanding and collaboration across different cultures and geographies.

The 01Booster Conference was more than just an event for us at VoicePing; it was a milestone in our journey towards creating a world where language is no longer a barrier but a bridge connecting people and ideas. We are grateful for the opportunities and look forward to the impact VoicePing will continue to make in the global communication landscape.

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