Osintech reduces management effort and increases communication efficiency

Osintech is an information platform for leaders and rule makers. The CEO, Mr. Oda, and the Head of Operation, Mr. Shimaken decided to use VoicePing to replace separate time tracking and management tools. They significantly improve management efficiency and increase communication among employees.

VoicePing is an efficient tool to expand a cross-border company

Jack: Can you introduce your company?

Mr. Oda: We are providing a web service called Rule Watcher for rule makers in governments and companies. Rule Watcher helps them to solve global issues by automatically updating daily news and visualizing critical data. For example, the Japanese government is making a rule that may impact Chinese business, so Chinese businessmen need us to provide the necessary information so they can act in advance. Concretely, you can understand Rule Watcher as a global information platform.



Inside RuleWatcher

Jack: What were your problems before using VoicePing?

Mr. Oda: Since our founding in 2018, we have established a 100% remote working environment and only use the office as a backup. Instead of focusing on employee attendance since many people may come to the office just to show that they are working, we concentrate on completing all work online.

However, we had a big challenge there is no software that offers both time tracking and virtual office so we had to use separate tools, and it was a hassle. Once we discovered that VoicePing had both of them, we decided to switch to VoicePing.

Mr. Shimaken: Before using VoicePing, there were many inconveniences in our communication process. For example, people didn’t know there was a newcomer so that they could say hi or they were not sure if it was a good time to quickly catch up with others. It is very important to know who is doing what so that without actually talking, we can still understand their work and have the feeling of working in the same office.

Therefore, it is very effective to have something that shows members’ status while having time-tracking features.

Resolving communication and time-tracking issues after implementing VoicePing

Won: Were you able to solve those problems by VoicePing?

Mr. Oda: After using VoicePing, we feel more comfortable having a quick catch up and the total amount of communication is increased. Also, because we have to use VoicePing for time tracking, we all have to come to the virtual office and it makes us feel that we are actually working in the same space and ability to communicate more.


Additionally, I was amazed by the speedy update of VoicePing. Last month I sent the requirement for a new feature and it has been done. I am very happy about that!


Mr. Shimaken: True, I think it’s quite difficult to create a perfect system, but the attitude of the VoicePing to constantly make it better by listening to customers’ voice is what make us continue using VoicePing

About VoicePing

Do you have the same issues with Osintech and want to try VoicePing? 

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