VoicePing improved teamwork and encouraged employees to communicate at IROX


IROX is a global e-commerce platform focusing on yoga and fitness brand. Ms. Iwamoto, from the Marketing department, decided to use VoicePing because it is friendly for female users and solves many management-related issues. They significantly improved their team collaboration and encouraged employees to communicate more with each other.


VoicePing can provide various features, yet is simple to use

Jack: Can you let us know about your company?

Ms. Iwamoto: IROX is an E-commerce company that sells fitness and Yoga brands to other businesses, department stores, and consumers. Also, we provide web marketing services to other companies as well.

Our main office is in the Harajuku area, but we also have other teams overseas like Singapore or Taiwan. Irox also has many female employees. Currently, we are 100% working remotely.

Jack: Did you have any problems before using VoicePing?

Ms. Iwamoto: Before using VoicePing, we used other chat and communication tools. However, because female users feel uncomfortable showing their faces on camera with a big screen and it is inconvenient for their private life, we had some issues with communication and management. For example, we couldn’t grasp employees’ working status or we couldn’t find the right time for a quick catch-up. Therefore, we really need a tool that can solve all the above problems, but it has to be simple to use. At this point, VoicePing satisfied our needs and resolve our existing issues.

Jack: Have you tried other tools? Why did you decide to choose VoicePing?

Ms. Iwamoto: I have tried different virtual office tools, including Japanese and overseas ones. However, all of the tools couldn’t meet our needs, especially since they didn’t provide management and time-tracking features, which we really needed for a complete improvement in our communication. Also, most of the current tools are web applications and it is disturbing when I accidentally closed them. Eventually, none of them were able to be used continuously.

Then, VoicePing came up in my search result and I chatted with VoicePing’s CEO. Since my background is in technology, I am keen on the system and I asked very details tech-related questions. VoicePing’s CEO could answer all of my questions and gave me a strong sense of trust, so I decided to try VoicePing.

VoicePing is a female user-friendly app

Jack: How did VoicePing solve your company’s issues?

Ms. Iwamoto: With a VoicePing office background, we can choose our seats and have the feeling of working in the same office. Also, we set up morning meetings and when the time comes, all of us will be alerted and we can join the meeting in time. Additionally, we know who comes to the virtual office and who doesn’t at a glance, and we feel very comfortable having a quick chat. As a result, our employees share good feedbacks that VoicePing is very intuitive and easy to use.

Another good feature of VoicePing is that the camera screen and the icon are small and adjustable. So our female members feel more comfortable using the camera, especially when they don’t wear makeup, and they are very happy about it!

Jack: Do you have any feedback or requests for the future development of VoicePing?

Ms. Iwamoto: We really like the virtual background and used it a lot. However, it seems that if we use it too much, the app seems working a bit slower.

Also, because we have many meetings with clients, so I hope that VoicePing can improve that feature in the future.

About VoicePing

Do you have the same issues with IROX and want to try VoicePing? 

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