Communicate Smarter with VoicePing: Enhanced Mobile App Voice Translation, Missed Call Alerts, and Discord Connectivity


Experience seamless communication with VoicePing’s latest update: a refined UI/UX for easier voice translations, an efficient call-back system for missed calls, and innovative Discord integration for transcription and time tracking. Ideal for both personal and professional interactions, VoicePing is revolutionizing digital communication.

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VoicePing voice translation mobile app is getting more user feedback and we are improving it every day. We improved the translation screen with the following points:

– Translation block will be shown in advance so the users understand that their sentences are getting translated
– Once the translation is complete, it will be displayed. This replaced previous UI UX which shows unfinished sentences and made users difficult to read the translation.

🔔 Never miss a call with call call-back button

When users miss a call on VoicePing, a notification will show up that allows users to call back quickly. Regardless of online, away, and busy status, You can see the call history on Picture-In-Picture windows or top-right toast alert.

📣 Integrate Transcription and Time Tracking to Discord

In the previous version, once users finished a Live Translation session or using Time Tracking, users could receive a notification on Slack or Chatwork. For this version, we expand this integration to Discord and users within the same Discord channel can receive the notification and check the information of the transcript and time tracking. You can publish the discord Webhook URL easily from the discord channel setting.

😊 Insert emojis, edit and delete chat text

From now on, users can react to chat text messages with emojis. Users can also edit or delete text messages like other chat tools. This brings great experience to chatting on VoicePing.

💯 Improvement

  • Edit & Delete Actions and Emoji Reactions for Text Chat Messages: Add functionality for editing and deleting text chat messages, as well as including emoji reactions.
  • Integrated Chatwoot, removed Intercom for better communication

🐞 Bug fix

  • Fixed transcript log permission bug
  • Fixed duplicated trial bug
  • Fixed text chat receiver input is an empty bug
  • Fixed translation display bug
  • Fixed screen share object placement next to the user avatar
  • Fixed online log display in descending order
  • Fixed display issue with virtual objects after changing workspace owner
  • Fixed copy meeting URL problem
  • Fixed mobile Ai transcript summary display white out issue
  • Fixed mobile stripe payment update

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