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English learning has never been more accessible and convenient thanks to the rise of AI-powered learning platforms. With the help of advanced technology, individuals seeking to improve their English proficiency can now practice and engage with Artificial Intelligence (AI) coaches. These AI English learning apps offer personalized experiences, allowing learners to enhance their pronunciation, fluency, and overall English language skills. In this article, we will explore the general pain points of English learning that can be effectively addressed by AI English teachers. Additionally, we will introduce and compare five leading apps and websites that provide AI-driven English learning experiences, empowering learners to master English online.

Learning English as a second language can present various challenges, including limited access to native English speakers, high costs of traditional tutoring, and the need for continuous practice. AI English coaches have emerged as a solution to these challenges, providing learners with affordable, accessible, and personalized support. By utilizing advanced language models and cutting-edge AI technology, these apps and websites offer tailored lessons, real-time feedback, and engaging conversations that simulate real-life English interactions.

Advantages of AI English Coaches

24/7 Availability: Unlike traditional tutors with limited availability, AI English coaches are available round the clock. Learners can practice English whenever and wherever they want, adapting to their own schedules and learning preferences.

Personalized Feedback: AI coaches provide instant evaluation and feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and fluency. Learners can identify areas for improvement and receive targeted guidance, allowing them to progress faster and more efficiently.

Diverse Conversation Topics: Engaging in conversations with AI English coaches offers the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, from sports to technology, business, fashion, and more. Learners can explore their interests while simultaneously improving their English skills.

Non-Judgmental Learning Environment: AI coaches create a safe and judgment-free zone for learners to practice English without fear of making mistakes. This encourages learners to be more confident and take risks in their language development journey.

Five Leading AI English Learning Apps and Websites

Loora - Your AI English Coach App

Loora stands out as the most advanced AI English tutor app, designed to unlock the full potential of English learners. It offers real-life English practice, instant evaluation, and feedback, ensuring personalized lessons and continuous improvement.


Learning content: 6/10

AI Coach: 8/10

Overal: 8/10

In conclusion, Loora provide a great experience for new users and their AI Coach is smart and sounds natural. However, the learning content is limited in free version.


Busuu offers English language courses among its 12 language options. It provides reading, listening, speaking, and writing exercises. With AI-powered Vocabulary Trainer and Grammar Trainer features, learners can enjoy customized lessons based on their learning styles and strengths.


Learning content: 6/10

AI Coach: 4/10

Overal: 5/10

While Busuu provides great learning materials with real life situation, it is somewhat difficult for intermediate learner to understand the meaning of each exercise. Plus, the AI Teacher only provide minimum effect on learning experience.


Mondly offers an immersive language learning experience through AI technology. The app focuses on vocabulary, phrases, and real-life conversations. It also provides a Chatbot feature for interactive practice and a Speech Recognition system for pronunciation evaluation.


Learning content: 8/10

AI Coach: 7/10

Overal: 7.5/10

Concretely, this app has rich content resources and beautiful design. Users can also see the dashboard of other users result in their region. Additionally, while the AI teacher may not give you natural feedback, the UI UX is very friendly.

ELSA Speak

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an AI-powered app designed to improve English pronunciation and reduce accents. With a speech recognition system, personalized feedback, and targeted exercises, ELSA helps learners enhance their spoken English skills effectively.


Learning content: 8.5/10

AI Coach: 7.5/10

Overal: 8/10

Elsa speak is very popular among English learner because of the ability to help user improve their pronunciation effectively. It has a massive content resource with active local community accord many SNS like Facebook, Discord, e.t.c. 


Cake offers an AI-powered English learning experience, focusing on conversational skills. The app uses natural language processing and speech recognition to provide interactive lessons and personalized feedback.


Learning content: 7/10

AI Coach: 5/10

Overal: 6/10

Cake’s approach to new users are interesting since it provides English learning through famous movies. However, it seems that this approach only suitable for new learner and their AI Teacher is not fully used to improve the user experience

Comparison and Summary

To summarize the benefits and features of these AI English learning apps, let’s compare them based on key criteria:

Each app offers unique features and advantages, catering to different learning preferences and needs. It’s recommended to explore their respective websites and app stores for detailed information, user reviews, and pricing options.

In conclusion, we selected ELSA Speak, Loora and Mondly are the best apps among the others that provide AI Teaching features. 

The rise of AI English coaches has revolutionized the way individuals learn and improve their English language skills. These AI-powered apps and websites offer personalized lessons, real-time feedback, and convenient access to English practice, enhancing learners’ fluency, pronunciation, and overall confidence. By utilizing AI technology, learners can engage with these apps 24/7, simulating real-life English conversations and mastering the language at their own pace. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these AI English learning platforms provide an effective and affordable solution for anyone looking to improve their English proficiency.

Remember, with the assistance of AI English coaches, fluency in English is within reach for anyone willing to embark on the journey of language learning.

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