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Marketing Internship at VoicePing: What I Learned and Achieved


My name is Horisawa and I am a student intern at VoicePing. I joined VoicePing in November 2023. I am involved in web marketing. In this article, I will talk about why I started interning at VoicePing, my experience at VoicePing, and what I learned from that experience.

Reasons for Joining VoicePing

VoicePing was not my first internship experience. I joined VoicePing after having previously completed a six-month sales internship with a human resources start-up company. I chose VoicePing as my new internship for two reasons.

The first reason was that I wanted to learn about web marketing. There is a deep relationship between sales and marketing. At my previous company, I was mainly in charge of sales, but I also experienced web marketing related work. Therefore, Therefore, I became interested in learning more about web marketing. That’s when I found VoicePing’s marketing internship program and applied for it.

The second reason was that I wanted to experience working in an international environment. VoicePing is an international work environment with not only Japanese but also Vietnamese, Korean, and other people with global backgrounds working there. In addition, communication within the company is conducted in English. I was attracted to such an international environment.

Things I Learned and Results from Writing Blog Articles

I have experienced many things at VoicePing. The one I was most involved in was the creation of blog posts. I was mainly responsible for improving existing articles. In the beginning, it took me a long time to complete one article, but as I gained more experience, I became more efficient. I pursued higher quality blog posts, thinking about what I wanted to convey in the articles and how to get more people to read them. As a result, some of them turned out very well. For example, this article increased clicks by about 350 and impressions by about 250%.

Not only did I improve my writing skills through this experience, but I also learned about the industry situation and social trends. many of the articles were related to VoicePing’s competing services, AI, and the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, so I naturally learned to write articles. There were many articles related to VoicePing’s competing services, AI, and the status of Japanese companies expanding overseas, so I naturally learned to write articles. AI, in particular, is a hot area of development right now. I am not an engineer, but working at VoicePing was a valuable experience for me to learn what AI is, how it is used at VoicePing, what it can do, and what its development possibilities are.

Experience at the Exhibition

I also experienced work other than sales activities, product manual updates, and blog articles.  I had so much to learn from my participation in the exhibition. I learned that preparing for an exhibition so much more to do than I had imagined. I worked with designers to create designs for brochures and posters to be used at the event. And I was also in charge of contacting suppliers to order them. It was not easy to move forward with the preparation schedule while making sure that each stakeholder had enough time to meet the deadline. I was nervous when the order was delayed and the posters were due to arrive at the last minute. In the end, I was glad that I was able to arrive on the day fully prepared.

On the day of the event, I explained our services to visitors to the booth with demonstrations. I learned that the language barrier was an obstacle to doing business for more companies than I had imagined. It was a valuable experience for me to be able to propose VoicePing as a solution for those who have such problems. It was also very interesting to see how many people from many industries visited the site for various reasons, and to learn what kind of people needed what service.

What I Learned Through the Internship

I feel that the fact that it was my second workplace (internship) made my experience at VoicePing even more valuable. I learned that VoicePing’s willingness to work remotely enables more talented people to work there. I realized that this is especially important for a company with a large number of engineers. Additionally, I learned that having English as the official language in the company is essential to broaden and facilitate communication. 

In addition, I was able to learn the differences in sales methods and marketing. VoicePing is relatively inexpensive among toB services. The company’s services I had previously experienced were more expensive, so face-to-face sales were very important. On the other hand, for VoicePing, getting people to know about the service and find it is most important. I learned that web marketing, including SEO, is the key.


To conclude, there is a wide range of things I learned through my internship at VoicePing. I gained practical knowledge of how to work in an international environment, the importance of communicating in English, and the different ways of selling and marketing services. This experience was a great growth opportunity for me. I have deepened my knowledge in the fields of marketing and business, and improved my teamwork and communication skills. I hope to use this experience to further develop my career in the future.