Optimize the Productivity of Teams in the Virtual Age

With the metaverse, corona age and globalization, the digital market is expanding more and more, and opportunities for remote work are increasing.

In order to create a great digital experience, teamwork involving many different stakeholders is important. We are committed to maximizing the productivity of teamwork.

An era in which people can immerse themselves in manufacturing by making the most of their own specialties.

We believe that the next era will be created by an environment that maximizes the diversity of individuality. We will create an environment where people can immerse themselves in the creation of excellent products and services regardless of race, gender, nationality, age, language, or location.

Our Values

Swift PDCA Cycle

We will always act in the speed of seconds. With so many uncertainties, we believe it is best to improve the quality of our measures while increasing the number of trials.    


Overall Optimization

We always think strategically to increase total productivity. If team play does not go well, individual performance will also decline in the medium to long term.

Realize %1 growth every day

We will always be conscious of growth. Growth drives growth, and the power of compound interest creates an unbridgeable gap, allowing you to become a top performer.

Recent news

Recent news

Smart AI Virtual Office for Remote Teams

VoicePing enables you to see what your teammates are working on, to start an instaneous audio/video meeting by just one click, and to have automatically translated and transcribed conversations in realtime.

We Are Hiring!

Join your dream team. Work with us.

Typescript, React, Node.js, AWS, Solution Architect, Problem Solver 

Figma, UI Prototyping, Product Management, User Interview, UX Research

Oculus Quest 2, Open World Game, Board Game, Fighting Game



Akinori Nakajima was born in 1989. Graduated from Nagoya University Graduate School of Electronic Information Systems (Katayama Lab).
After graduating from university, he immediately started his own business, but failed and joined a web conference vendor. After that, he worked as a sole proprietor and established our company in July 2019 (changed the company name from P2P to VoicePing).
So far, he has built innovative services such as LiteFreshVoice at Einet, stock prediction algorithm sales store QuantX at SmartTrade, FinTech service at Japan Digital Design, web negotiation system at Belle Face, and TravelDX at Rosetta. He has also built innovative services such as TravelDX at Rosetta. Currently, he is developing and selling VoicePing, a dream virtual workspace that is not bound by location, time, or language. He also develops VR games from the blood of a former video game addict.

Business Overview


We provide online virtual offices to replace traditional offline offices, and offer products that reduce office rent, maximize remote collaboration, and maximize employee engagement.


In order to make the arrival of the XR era from mobile smartphones faster, XR GAME STUDIO will provide XR applications that offer unprecedented experiences.


Based on our experience in co-developing products with many business companies, we offer spot consulting services for your system development problems and lab-based development support that provides a high-quality development team at a reasonable cost.

Company Profile