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VoicePing provides top-tier AI Transcription and real-time voice translation for online meeting, transform dialogues into comprehensive summaries and action items with ChatGPT-powered summary.

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Voice Translation

Transcription with
ChatGPT Summary

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Transcription – Translation

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VoicePing has been introduced in a lab-type offshore team’s WEB application development project. Engineer’s man-hour and encouraging active communication between members is especially crucial to those projects that have to meet client’s high demand in a short period.

Before introduction

Project managers were discussing abstract and latent problems on text-base with engineers, which slows down the entire development. There was no practical way to briefly grasp the working time and current task of team members who are living in different time zones.

After introduction

VoicePing visualized working situations of members and encouraged active communications between members. It is easy to catch what other members are doing thanks to the green light around the member’s avatar that turns on only when he/she is sharing screen or in a meeting. It became possible to carry out complex and high-level developments that require close cooperation between frontend and backend thanks to the time tracking function that informs what each member is working on. Also, it became easy for Tech Lead to give pinpoint guidance to junior level engineers. Plus, the function of automatic minutes creation and translation made it possible to smoothly share important information even with members who are not familiar with Japanese.

Package also includes Extra Bonus! 🤩

Package also includes
Extra Bonus! 🤩

Free Time Track and Invoice system

Stay informed, accountable, and transparent. Voiceping makes invoices, working reports, and project management easy with intuitive work records and visualizing teams’ availability.


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