VoicePing vs Zoom — More than just video calls!


We all know it — Zoom fatigue is real, and the platform doesn’t make it any easier! While Zoom’s popularity has increased due to the pandemic, that isn’t necessarily due to zoom being a superior platform, but more or less due to the necessity of a synchronous method of communication in an ever-so-distant world.

What is VoicePing?

VoicePing is an all-in-one application, that provides you with voice/video calls, a workspace, and time tracking in one package — all of these are outright necessities in most 100% remote organizations!

What is Zoom?

Zoom’s a video call platform, that has been around for a while! It offers a good amount of features & while it might not be the best choice for large businesses because of the security issues but the free tier offers enough for small businesses.

VoicePing VS Zoom

A video call software essentially relies on a few basic pillars — Ease of use, Reliability for a large number of users & obviously, cost.

Ease of use

A. Zoom

This is arguably one of the most painful aspects of zoom — want to speak with your teammates immediately? Oh no no no, we don’t do that here.

Now, you gotta start a meeting -> copy the link to it, shoot it to your teammates and then sure to God hope they are online and join at the same time! If not, now you gotta manually reschedule and somehow come up with the same time where y’all can speak.

B. VoicePing


Inviting your teammates in VoicePing

Ease of use was our primary target in VoicePing! It couldn’t get easier — You can see who’s working on what, and in real-time (literally in one single click) ask them to hop on a call with you. No copy/pasting of links, or anything that ends up feeling a chore.

You can very easily understand what your team-mates are saying since we offer live transcripts of your call (PS. we all sync them over to slack to act as minutes of the meeting which you can always go back to whenever you wish to refer to an older meeting)


A. Zoom


Zoom bombing

Reliability is something zoom is known for — but in a not-so-good way. Especially post-pandemic, as the number of users on the platform escalated the number of bugs that were lying dormant since the beginning all started propping up. From random people entering your zoom calls to rumors of your data being sent off-shore to non-friendly governments!

B. VoicePing

Being a Business to Business focused startup, reliability is a foundational stone for us! Not only we have no upper limit for the amount users who join our calls, but we also let managers have granular control of where do they want their server to be to get the best experience possible!

A company based in Japan can opt to have a media server in Tokyo itself, making their calls smoother — a level of granular control offered by little to no firms.


A. Zoom

As one can see, even with the starter paid plan, the number of participants cant be above 100, a genuine requirement for many people these days!

That coupled with the fact that meetings can be only up to 40 minutes at a time can be a huge pain (imagine re-setting up the call post 40 minutes and try and get back to the original conversation’s flow when you’re being bogged down by the 40-minute limit!

B. VoicePing

As of writing this blog, VoicePing is offering a year’s worth of enterprise-level plans for FREE! To avail go to app.voice-ping.com and sign up.

VoicePing offers three plan levels — Free, Premium & Enterprise.


Upgrading your plan on voiceping

However, regardless of the plan you sit in — all your meetings can be however long you wish them to be! You can even choose to sit around in a room with your teammates throughout your office hours so talking to them can be as simple as just unmuting yourself!

The plans only change how many people are allowed in your company’s workspace & how long will the transcriptions last — that’s it. We offer the same quality of video & audio for our free users as our highest grade enterprise users!

Beyond Video Calls

Paying for multiple products & even then having to deal with the anxiety of remembering to handle all of them correctly is a pain no one wants!

VoicePing is the solution we propose, making onboarding, offboarding and day-to-day activities for your employees as streamlined as possible — one app to rule them all.

Video calling surely is one part of the puzzle, but the larger picture here also consists of some method discoverability of what your colleagues are working on, an asynchronous method i.e. text chat, some call logging (to act as minutes of the meeting) & a way to know who in your organization is working on what at any given point in time in the most non-intrusive fashion as possible!

VoicePing comes packaged with all of these features: voice calls, text chat, slack synchronization for all your call logs, state-of-the-art noise reduction, and many more things all under one roof!

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