Syncing your voice call on slack!

We all remember running across this problem, where we are done with a meeting but a few stakeholders were not present in them!

The traditional method in these cases has always been taking Minutes of meeting (MoM) which roughly encapsulate what happened in the meeting — but here’s the deal, this rough encapsulation doesn’t include the nitty-gritty of the meeting plus you now need one resource to capture these MoM in the first place!

How does Voiceping solve this problem?

We already provide state-of-the-art speech to text + translations of all your meetings by default (even for the free tier!), so now the obvious thing was to somehow make this pre-existing module more useful to the end-customer.

Changing applications takes time and effort and we realised a large amount of our customer base uses Voiceping alongside Slack, thus using our service in synergy with slack would provide the customer a better overall experience!

You can now visit Preferences -> Speech To Text to grant us access to your slack workspace.

Once that’s done, VoicePing will list all your available channels, giving you the option to select the channel where you’d like your recorded meetings to reside


Slack channels get listed in a handy dropdown

Now, all you’ve to do is head over to Voiceping and start a call!


Detailed listing of meeting

All your meeting participants will be automatically tagged in the meeting’s primary message & the entire discussion ends up getting encapsulated neatly under the primary thread!

The Benefits don’t end there!

We also record the overall duration of the meeting, giving key stake-holders an idea of what’s consuming time!

A benefit which one might not think of in the first shot is the fact that, now you can use Slack’s search feature to in-fact search things said in previous meetings, also kudos to our handy-dandy slack integration at an employee level, each message gets associated with the actual employee, so you know who-said-what in every meeting, all easily searchable, just a click away!

Our team at Voiceping truly believes that an amalgam of features that make the average remote-worker’s life easier provides a game-changing level of productivity increase to the overall team! We will continue adding more features to make our eco-system a single roof to encompass all the different app’s one has to deal with at a day to day basis, allowing you to do what you do best without having to worry about if your meeting notes were recorded/did you end up tracking time, etc!

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