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Type with your voice using VoicePing

Remote teams bring one thing which most traditional firms might not have accounted for — diversity! Diversity brings people speaking various languages together to achieve a goal, and here at P2P株式会社 we celebrate this diversity and provide companies with a solution to reduce miscommunication and ease in transition to remote working.

The current scenario

Avoid hiring employees outside of the current linguistic circle

Most companies approach remote workspace diversity with a cautionary approach mainly due to the fact that language does indeed play a huge role in effective communication and it’s communication which at the end of the day makes/breaks projects!

Have employees designated as interpreters who bridge the gap

This seems to be an easy way out… just have some folks who hop in calls when there is a team-wide meeting and they convey information back and forth… and well, as all of us might have already figured, this doesn’t work to the slightest. Not only does this induce grouping between employees of similar linguistic backgrounds but it also increases dependence on a single failure point — the interpreter.

What VoicePing brings to the table

Lightning speed translation!

Our product is an amalgam of the best in class speech to text combined with the optimal translation engine picked for the language of your choice, making sure that your team can have real-time translations

Wide Variety of Languages!

We offer Chinese, Japanese, English, and a host of different languages which your speakers can speak and translate text into!


We know that the client knows their business better, thus even in the same workspace your channels can employ different speech-to-text configurations and even quick calls can have different configurations all a click away!

No more hassles due to differences in accents!

VoicePing serves as a lifesaver when a developer from India wants to have a quick clarification call from a manager sitting in china — we understand the dialects have different pronunciations even for the same word which may result in different interpretations, speech to text resolves this as it is accented agnostic to a great deal!

Additional — One Large feature on its way (and many more to come)

Based on our market research, we’ve also found other interaction points where this use of live speech to text can be conducive to the overall organization, and in order to serve it, we are working on a feature that makes remote meetings easier than ever before! Stay tuned, we’ll be releasing this next month!

Here at VoicePing, we believe in developing products that truly bring value to any business — our entire team consists of developers ranging from China, Japan, India, Brazil, Vietnam to name a few!

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