VoicePing vs Hubstaff — Choosing the right time tracker for your organization!

Viral Tagdiwala
Viral Tagdiwala
Software Developer at VoicePing

In an ever-increasing remote world, time tracking is playing a bigger role now more than ever! According to a report conducted in 2018, 50% of the large corps were using email monitoring and location analytics.

Whether it’s for billing your employees on an hourly basis or just keeping a tab of your workforce’s productivity, time tracking software goes a long way in helping remote firms.

The use cases for time tracking are pretty much endless, but here are a few industries that can make the most use of it —

1. Regulatory. Businesses that contract with the U.S. government must comply with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations that stipulate an employee’s time must be monitored and audited to ensure taxpayer money is properly spent.

2. Tax Management. Governments around the world offer tax breaks for activities such as R&D. Time tracking solutions are essential in order to prove these activities and claim tax benefits.

3. Bidding and Proposals. If a company knows exactly how much time and expense goes into a certain type of project activity, it can offer proposals to potential businesses more quickly and with greater certainty.

4. Profitability. Each business has some time black hole activities i.e. activities that keep consuming time but don’t bring that big of ROI — these can be identified only when you track them!

What is VoicePing?

VoicePing is an all-in-one application, that provides you with voice/video calls, a workspace, and time tracking in one package — all of these are outright necessities in most 100% remote organizations!

What is Hubstaff?

Hubstaff is a time tracking application that provides a watch over your employees by using time tracking coupled with screenshots.

VoicePing VS Hubstaff

A time tracker at its core is reliant on just a few major things — activity monitoring, reporting (dashboard) & ease of use.

Activity Monitoring

A. Hubstaff

Hubstaff uses keyboard and mouse activity to generate an activity percentage showing “how active an employee was” in a 10-minute chunk. Coupled with this, it also provides multiple screenshots of their screen.

B. VoicePing

VoicePing relies on your employee’s usage of keyboard and mouse — HOWEVER, there is a big differentiating factor to play here — we don’t rely on percentages of activity! Time pressing keys and moving your mouse doesn’t necessarily translate into “productive” time, and we understand no software should falsely claim that they can give you a magic pill to realize your employee’s productivity!

The ten-minute chunk we use is just a measure of whether or not the employee was on their PC in that period of time — we truly believe in measuring outcome NOT input.


A. Hubstaff

Reporting with Hubstaff is one of its strong suits. It provides detailed dashboards, allowing both the employee & the employer to drill in/out of data as & when needed.

B. VoicePing

VoicePing too, just like Hubstaff provides detailed dashboards that allows the employer/employee to surf back & forth to any dates of their choice and immediately come to know what they were working on & the amount of time spent on the same.

Arguably, the dashboarding over on VoicePing is more intuitive since it’s all located in one place, without an information overload for the user!

Ease of use

A. Hubstaff

Hubstaff, being a single feature-focused app, does bring ease of use — in a myopic view, though.

In a larger view, Hubstaff is “yet another app” your employee has to remember to start & stop!

B. VoicePing

VoicePing has pretty much everything your employee would need in an average workday all in one place! The time tracker itself is just a button click away to start and stop. Not only that, it provides an intuitive dashboard to easily know who in your current organization is working (and on what)/away from their keyboard — all of this without having to text anyone regarding updates!


A. Hubstaff

As one can imagine, even for early-stage startups, with less than 15–20 people, the company ends up paying upwards of 200$ for just a time tracking solution (remember this figure goes higher as the number of people in your organization goes up)

B. VoicePing

VoicePing is offering a year’s worth of free enterprise plans! Not only that, our enterprise plan has no upper cap on the number of users in your workspace.

The larger implications at play here

Employee-Employer trust is probably a quintessential factor in most companies. Even if your firm is hard-lined on using numeric metrics for all employees, they can hide a lot of underlying factors. 63% of people define a great employee experience where they are empowered & trusted.

Especially when employees are aware they are being monitored every step of the way, the harder they get monitored, the more ways they’d try to come up to circumvent the system that might even end up being counter-productive to the firm!

Yet, there’s a caveat here. Not monitoring at all isn’t a solution for small tech startups that are entirely remote — establishing trust takes time, for both parties and a tracker proves to be an effective first start for it.

As opposed to Hubstaff, our team over at VoicePing has tried our best to come up with a system that feels the least intrusive to employees & still provides useful metrics to the employer! A win-win for both parties involved here.

Beyond Time tracking

Paying for multiple products & even then having to deal with the anxiety of remembering to handle all of them correctly is a pain no one wants!

VoicePing is the solution we propose, making onboarding, offboarding and day-to-day activities for your employees as streamlined as possible — one app to rule them all.

Time tracking surely is one part of the puzzle, but the larger picture here also consists of an synchronous method of communication i.e. video & voice calls, an asynchronous method i.e. text chat, some call logging (to act as minutes of the meeting) & a way to know who in your organization is working on what at any given point in time in the most non-intrusive fashion as possible!

VoicePing comes packaged with all of these features be it voice calls, text chat, slack synchronization for all your call logs, state-of-the-art noise reduction, and many many more things all under one roof!

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